Top picks of the ASDA Toy Sale

George at ASDA have another fabulous toy sale! Here are my top 10 picks from the sale!
Sportspower Titan 2.2M Galvanised Swing And Glider

Was £60 Now £45

A great addition to the garden to keep the kids entertained this summer! The fact it can entertain 3 children at once is definitely a plus and it can be kept up all year round. It also looks incredibly easy to construct unlike some other brands available.
Smoby 2 In 1 Mega Slide

Was £259 Now £199

Another amazing offer for an outdoor toy which will provide plenty of entertainment, I love the fact it can be extended to for a super long slide. The fact it extends to make a bigger slide also makes it suitable for a wider range of ages. The plastic is uv treated to ensure it doesn’t become sun bleached from being left out.

Vtech DigiGo Blue (also in Pink)

Was £79.97 Now £55.98

A safe way for children to interact with their friends and family who own smart phones, this smart device works with wifi to enable the child to text, take photos/videos and play games. A way for children to feel grown up and the parent can still have full control over contacts and what they access.

Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen
Was £75 Now £52.50

This super cool play kitchen would make an excellent addition to any playroom/area. There’s plenty of ways your child could get creative with this wonderful toy which includes an oven, microwave, stove, sink, kettle , cupboard and more.
i-Que Intelligent Robot

Was £60 Now £45

For any tech loving child this is a must have! The i-Que Intelligent Robot is the Child friendly version of the much loved Amazon Echo. You can ask him questions, play games with him and he also tells jokes. He can also be played with like a standard robot style toy when not connected to the internet.

Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas & Percy’s Railway Race Set

Was £42.97 Now £30
Another fabulous addition to the Thomas and Friends Range, this toy features motorised action to see Thomas and Percy whizz across the tracks. When they reach the flag, pop up fireworks show to celebrate their arrival.

Vtech Secret Safe Diary Visual

Was £39 Now £27

This so takes me back to the days I used to make my Christmas list, I remember this being on it! How things stay the same haha! We are talking a good 15 years ago! For those of you who don’t know, these are funky electronic diaries which also have 20 electronic games, a secret draw and alarm clock. The ultimate must have for the girl who wants to feel grown up.
Sew Cool Sewing Machine

Was £25.97 Now £18.18

This is amazing, a safe sowing machine which doesn’t require thread. A great way for any child to get creative and make things such as purses or small figures there’s something that can be achieved for anyone. It comes with a collection of materials and templates to create projects.
John Adams Doh Nutters Game

Was £14.97 Now £10.48

A game for the full family to enjoy, don the elephant masks and see who can pick up the doughnuts the fastest. This would be a great game for any family occasion, that everyone would enjoy regardless of their age. Plus when the kids go to bed it could turn into a hilarious game mixed with alcohol!
Munchkin Swimming Scuba Buddy

Was £5 Now £4

This is soo cute! You simply wind him up and pop him in the bath and watch him swim. A great bath addition for any child who loves to play in the tub!
There’s over 600 items available in the George Toy Sale you can see the full range here:

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