Hate doesn’t have to breed hate

Today I’m filled with thoughts, reflections, worries. Waking this morning to read the news of an individual carrying out a “revenge” attack, another act of mindless terrorism.

As I write this I’m sat on a quiet high street, the odd person walks past seemingly in their own Monday morning trance like state. If the violence continues will this become a constant feature of our Great Britain high streets? Will people refrain from their usual business? 

It’s early where I am people are making their way to work, children are heading to school. One  gentleman passes as I sit and write and offers me the warmest of smiles, accompanied by a welcomed “Good Morning.” It is just that, it is a good morning. Yes there may be horrid events happening however all you have to see is the resillience, the strength and the compassion of the British public in these times of uncertainty. People are going out of their way to help one another, strangers become a friendly face to a person in need. We feel the pain and heartbreak of few as a nation and together we strive to support those who need us and help make a difference. 

What I’ve grown to realise these past few months is how proud I am to be British, to live together in a multicultural society, to understand the importance of community spirit and to know that people will continue to live their lives. We will not be fearful, we will not be silenced. We will instead unite, we will thrive and most importantly as a community we will survive. Our country is too great to let actions of hate define it.

In Britain hate doesn’t breed hate it instead breeds love, compassion & togetherness. 

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