Forever Against Animal Testing

Today is the start of The Body Shop’s biggest campaign yet! Their aim is to ban animal testing for cosmetic purposes worldwide. They aim to do this by collecting 8 million signatures via an online petition. The Body Shop originally led a similar campaign back in the 1980s and have been the pioneers for driving the importance of ending animal testing ever since. In 1998 they successfully made the UK government ban animal testing. You can see more key milestones in their efforts to make it worldwide.

Animal testing began during the Second World War, there was a belief that the reactions from the animals would reflect that of a reaction to a human. However, after much scrutiny this isn’t always apparent due to the significant differences between species. The practise is becoming more and more scrutinised for both its ethic stance and scientific validity.

Animal testing is not as simple as applying the product direct to the skin of that animal, it’s actually a lot more harmful! The first method is shaving the animals further (typically Guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters and rabbits) and applying chemicals direct to the skin to see if a reaction develops. Not only is this hazardous to the skin it can lead to inflammation of their lungs to irritation of the stomach lining. If all this wasn’t bad enough they are also force fed in some practises and eventually the majority is killed once they’ve finished their research. 

The campaign is also supported by Cruelty Free International the leading organisation for ending animal testing. 

A quick video highlighting the campaigns values.

To get involved with the campaign sign the below online campaign and share!
Let’s help The Body Shop end Animal Testing forever!

Comment below and let us know when you’ve signed!

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