Puritii ™ stylish and sleek water bottles

I have only recently come across Puritii and their water and air purifying systems as a friend of mine sponsored me with one of their sleek water bottles and filters for my recent trip to Uganda. 

The bottle comes with a changeable filter which lasts for 50 gallons of water, or 3 months with daily usage. When you purchase the bottle it comes with one filter to get you started, additional filters cost £55.64. To put this into perspective it works out at approximately 76 litres a month, if you were to buy bottled water at 60p for 1.5litres over the space of 3 months it would cost you around £91! So not only is it more stylish to carry it’s also cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly!

The Puritii System I received is the stainless steel version with dust cover which retails at £89.93 with a 3 month filter to get you started. They also have a clear plastic version too. I personally prefer the elegant look to the steel version and I know when I take it on mountainous walks it will withstand any wear and tear.  So what makes Puritii so special?

With Silver-based Aqua-Spear Antimicrobial Technology it enables users to drink water from a range of sources which wouldn’t usually be safe to do so! It removes 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa, Parasites and aids in the reduction of chemicals. It’s the must have for any traveller where fresh drinking water isn’t always accessible and it’s also great for day to day use to remove impurities from tap water. Furthermore it can also be used on long walks to refrain users from carrying unnecessary amounts of bottled water. 
If you would like any more information about this product you can do so by following the link below. 

https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1750300301954901 Pure-Fusion17 with Scott Blyth. 

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