Day 5 of Playscheme 

Well I don’t know where to begin! From start to finish it’s been packed with emotion and I can feel myself welling up as I write this. We had an amazing Friday fun day and sadly the last day in Uganda. I’m also going to miss living with the ladies too!

There was a bouncy castle music and face painting which was a fabulous way to end an incredibly life affirming week. The children were besotted by the bouncy castle! Here’s the boys blowing it up! We’ve just said good bye to the team in Africa ready for the journey back tomorrow! I’m totally blown away by everything we have seen and done this entire week! I honestly have memories I will treasure for ever. A huge thank you to The Body Shop for allowing me this opportunity and for Children On The Edge UK & Africa for welcoming us into the family. I’m going to miss each and everyone I’ve met from the girls on the scheme, Sarah from COTE UK, the phenomenal team from COTE Africa and all the beautiful children and adults who have welcomed us into their communities. 
It’s been a blessing.

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