Day 4 of Playscheme 2017

Yesterday was the last normal day of Playscheme ready for Friday Funday. In the morning the children had sessions in the Early Development Centre on Story Telling they had the opportunity to have stories told to them such as the hungry caterpillar, Handa’s Surprise and Giraffes cannot dance. They absolutely loved the books. And we asked them questions to see if they understood the stories. We talked about their local wildlife, their favourite fruit and what their homes where constructed from. After porridge the children had a music session. I decided to use all of our empty water bottles to make musical instruments for the kids and the sound of their laughter was so sweet! They made their own Uganda Railways Nursey School Band. 

In the afternoon we helped the children to make masks and hand prints with the help of the older children and played more big sports. Lots of fun had by all!

In the evening we were lucky enough to go on a beautiful sunset boat trip to see the source of the Nile and Lake Victoria, we also had the pleasure spotted loads of beautifully coloured birds and a couple of vervet monkeys too!

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