Day 3 of Playscheme 2017

Day 3 update from yesterday:
Yesterday was another great day when the numbers of children attending increased to approximately 250-300, again we have a broad range of ages. We spent the morning in baby class, learning about their environment. We took the children out into the grounds of the centre and collect different foliage we split them into groups and they drew the leaves and grass they had collected. Afterwards they learnt how to do chalk rubbing of the leaves.

Whilst the classes continued I went and helped Mama make the porridge for the children. We fed well over 100 children from the centre and the community. The making of the porridge is vary labourous it consists of adding maize flour water and sugar to large pans and heating over a wood burning stove. And you have to continuously stir to thicken the mixture. When it’s removed from the heat it’s added to plastic buckets and stirred continuously until cool.

In the afternoon we put on a puppet show for the children which the children loved. My favourite part being when I tried to sneak out of the box so they didn’t see it was me opperating the puppet, the box collapsed and I’m stood awkwardly waving lol. I then ran the sock puppet activity the children loved this and there was also big sports outside. In the late afternoon we met the Loco Community Protection Team we got to learn about some of the types of cases they deal with and you can see what a positive impact they’re having on the safety of their children in the community. Another amazing day had by all.
To donate to the amazing work COTE continue to do you can do so by visiting my just giving page!

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