Day 1 of the Playscheme

Day 1: We have been up since 7 local time. We have got a busy day ahead! Starting with filling the store cupboard with all the donations! We then have some sessions helping teachers in the Early Development Centre followed with giving the children porridge and in the afternoon we are doing various activities such as volleyball with up to 300 children! We are also going into the slums to meet the community!

View of Uganda taken from the plane.

We met with the teachers at the Early Development Centre that COTE built last year. Today’s been spent having the morning assisting the teachers with their usual classes I had the pleasure of being in the baby room which had children aged 3-4 we spent the time learning about friendships, how to relate to others and also senses. Then we helped feed the children porridge and a sweet bread snack. It costs £5 to feed a child their morning snack for a fortnight. 

For Lunch we tried traditional Ugandan food: samosa, chappati, posha and beans which was delicious.

We then went and visited two of the slum communities and seen the children’s parents and families. You literally can’t put into words about the slums, watching it on videos and seeing it in pictures is nothing compared to reality. A family has to pay their landlord 20,000 shillings per month for their room in Uganda this can usually be between 4-10 people sharing one room and in UK it’s around £4-£5. If they cannot pay for three months then they are evicted and their things are removed. There’s plenty of cattle, chickens, goats and a few dogs around too.

Image of the blocks of rooms used by families in Loco, they were originally built to house workers of Loco’s Railway.

In the evening we all split up and helped run different activities for approximately 200 children ranging from tiny babies (brought by siblings) to approximately 14year olds. The activities were crowns, football, parachute games and volleyball. The children are amazing, incredibly happy and smiley, warm and friendly everyone wants to hold your hand! Unfortunately there was a couple of children who were sick so either had to go home or couldn’t come to the scheme today. If you could donate even £1 honestly it makes the difference. To put things in to perspective the minimum wage in Uganda is 6000 shillings approximately £1.28 and this hasn’t changed since 1984!

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