An update…

Well apologies for the radio silence! The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least! We’ve had family visiting and a staycation to Cornwall plus I’ve been working my bum off to win The Body Shop At Home Lifestyle event. And I’ve been for a gorgeous Afternoon Tea! How cute are the table decorations we had too!

It’s getting very close to me leaving for Uganda and I’m incredibly excited, I’m actually pretty much packed already. Definitely a first for me I’m typically a night before gal, throw it all in and hope for the best! However this time I’m travelling on my own with 2 large suitcases and hand luggage I’m having to be a tad more organised! 

There’s so much more to think of this time, injections, malaria tablets, over the counter medicines, equipment, clothing to prevent mosquitos turning me into a feeding farm, mosquito sprays.. You get the idea! If anyone gets the opportunity to do any overseas volunteering grab it with both hands! Although a lot of preparation goes into the planning of the trip, we’ve been especially blessed as Children On The Edge have organised it for us it’s honestly going to be worth every second! 

We will have up to 300 children attending the Playscheme this year! It’s not often you get the opportunity to meet the people who your fundraising helps and I know going forward it’s only going to drive my determination to raise more substantial amounts. It still blows me away by the fact that £5 can feed a child in Uganda 2 meals for a fortnight! What can £5 get you in England? A couple of magazines? Bottle of Wine from the off-licence? Not much really! 

(Image from Huffington Post UK)
I’ve set my region within The Body Shop At Home a mission to raise £3000 whilst I’m out there! I will also be working towards it on the evening when we have downtime. £3000 would make such a difference and I truly believe that our fabulous region Angels With Attitude will smash that target!

If you’d like to help out here’s my personal just giving site and this all feeds back into our total! 
As you can see from the link I’m also doing Ben Nevis next year! 
Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend!
H xx

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