The Boss Baby (no spoilers!) 

Saturday Morning we had the pleasure of watching The Boss Baby! What a great animation movie for the family! There is a star studded cast who make up the voices of the characters from Alec Baldwin (Boss Baby), Steve Buscemi (Francis Francis), Lisa Kudrow (mum), Jimmy Kimmel (dad) to Toby Maguire (adult Tim and narrator). 

Dreamworks have done an amazing job with this film, I’m not normally a big fan of animations but I’m not ashamed to say I was glued to the telly whilst watching this. My son Jack aged 4 was in awe of the film and was content watching the entire movie. The relationship between Boss Baby and Tim is brilliantly written as their relationship develops throughout the movie. 

The Boss Baby follows the story of how babies either end up going to families or like The Boss Baby, they turn up one day in a taxi, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. If only all labours were that easy! Ultimately Tim & the Boss Baby have to battle their sibling rivalry to ensure they thwart a terrible plan which is being put together which involves making babies unwanted! Booo!!! Will they save the day, or be left arguing over who has the love of their parents?

I highly recommend The Boss Baby to anyone who wants a funny, feel good and enjoyable movie to sit down together and watch. Perfect addition to the Easter Holidays would be a family outing to watch this! 




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