Spring is in the air 

The sun has been shining for the past few days so we decided to make the most of it and head off for the day, the location we chose to explore was Weymouth. Like with every drive to the beach it was a race to see who could spot the sea first. My mum prevailed and deafened the rest of us in the process, my ears are still ringing now!

We parked up on a huge car park which was set on the Weymouth Swannery. It was instant beautiful views of a stunning lake, but unfortunately for us we missed out on the swans as we only got to see one quite far out in the distance. There’s also an RSPB cottage at the bottom of the car park where visitors can go in and find out more about the local birds. 

Moving onto the seafront, the beach is beautiful with crystal clear waters and clean sandy beaches. It would be a welcome haven for families in summer wanting a staycation with inviting waters. You can also make out some of the Jurassic Coastline which carves out the landscape around Dorset’s coast.

Not only that but we had the pleasure of spotting a Tope in the sea which had come right into the shoreline. It was swimming incredibly close to us and I was able to capture an image of a member of the shark family. 

Walking up to the old ferry pier, we were able to witness locals fishing and a few who were crabbing with crab lines and buckets. An old family favourite of ours. The people crabbing were having more joy than the fisher man as every person had a crab in their bucket! Moving round to the harbour side is truly stunning, it looks like a perfect postcard location. With colourful buildings, clear skies and fishing boats this was a firm favourite spot for our family visit. Bars and restaurants dotted along the harbour side make for a great place to relax, have a glass of something cold and enjoy a meal surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Weymouth also hosts two full high streets with your well known high street brands as well as gift shops and independent shops. There is something for everyone. Whilst we were there we also had the pleasure of some street performances. One man rather bravely was doing limbo under fire! Rather him than me! But it was a great performance to watch. I’m not sure if he’s there often but he’s well worth looking for if you’re visiting!

Another place to visit in Weymouth is Northe Fort. Unfortunately we didn’t have time on our day trip but we could see it from the harbour side. Northe Fort was built in the Victorian era to protect Portland Harbour and to this day is one of the most preserved forts in the country. You can find out more information here: http://www.nothefort.org.uk

We will definitely be returning to Weymouth in the summer as there is too much to explore in one day! It would make a brilliant staycation for all ages and there are plenty of holiday parks and hotels in the area to cater for everyone’s budgets. 

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