Queens? What would Beyoncé Do? 

Happy Mother’s Day!! I’ve just finished reading the beautiful Constance Hall’s book she is the ultimate queen! If there’s one thing everyone should take from her book it is self love! This should be instilled in both genders from an early age. The media is unavoidable now even from a young age children watch tv, see magazines and more. Beauty is within everyone not just a select few who the media have idolised. Everyone should be comfortable within their own skin, they were created that way, unique to themselves. Whether it’s a scar which tells a story, stretch marks from carrying a child, wrinkles which were created from long years of laughter and happiness. Each one of those define us as unique individuals they’re what makes each and everyone of us special. 
We shouldn’t be made to feel too fat to wear a bikini or too old to wear that favourite top we see in our favourite store. Why should we be told to follow the norms, that’s when life gets boring! As long as you are happy that’s all that should matter. 
Growing up there was always that pressure to be like the celebrities in the glossy magazines. To have the tightest stomach on the beach, the pearliest of white teeth and the perfect long legs. Teenagers are put up against unreal ideologies of the human form, the hours of airbrushing, personal trainers and extensive cosmetic procedures that they are unable to compete with. What we need is more realistic figures for our children to see. It needs to start with us. 
Another amazing woman who pushes the boundaries on the media stereotypes is Luisa Omeilan she channels the staying of “what would Beyoncé do?” A comedienne who uses the stage to show women that body image is subjective and we are all beautiful in our own way. This is the type of woman we need on media one who’s relatable, real and beyond all hilarious. 

Check out both of these amazing ladies work, both are uplifting, fabulously hilarious and will leave you with a “can do” queen’s attitude.
H xx 

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