Summer in a bottle

Eeek! You know it’s getting closer to summer when we launch the summer scents! This year we have two of my favourite past summer scents making a comeback! Pinita Colada and Virgin Mojito will be launching on the 23rd May with The Body Shop At Home. 

Pinita Colada is the ultimate Body cocktail! With extracts of pineapple and coconut from the Caribbean one sniff of this gorgeous range and your mind is instantly transported to a beach, with waves lapping, the sunshine drenching your bronzing skin and a coconut in hand filled with an ice cold Pina Colada! Absolute Bliss! 

My personal favourite from the range is the Body sorbet, with its instant cooling sensation it is the ultimate must have for any traveller heading to warmer climates. Apply after a day adventuring in the sun and you’ll be met with instant cooling relief. Other products in the range are: Shower Gel, Exfoliating Body Cream Body Scrub and Body Butter. 
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H xx

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