Walking in the country

There’s something quite serene about walking in the countryside, it’s soothing, peaceful and the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past week. Unless you take a small child! It then turns into a mudfest of mud throwing, puddle splashes and falling over at any given opportunity! It’s life or death if they fall into mud and get a bit dirty but hilarious if one of their parents comes out looking like they’ve spent a week at Glastonbury! I’ve never really understood these double standards especially when Jack pelts me with mud and laughs like Muttley from Wacky Races! 

One thing that always intrigues me when in the woods is clovers! I could spend hours and hours searching for the rare phenomenon of a 4 leaf clover but it always ends in the same place. I never find one and it leads me to the conclusion that you make your own luck in life, it’s not just delivered to you, especially in a green leafy form. 

Luck is one of those unexplained things in life.

What you determine as being lucky could vary significantly to another, it’s incredibly personal to that individual. Whether it’s winning a bet, winning the lottery or simply being loved, fed and watered. Luck is subjective and sometimes not dealt to the best hands. That’s why to some extent you should make your own luck, if you want something by all means put your sights on what it is you want and run for it! An amazing woman once said “if you do nowt, you get nowt” and it’s absolutely true!
H xx


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