Uganda 2017

Exactly 60 days until I shoot off to Uganda for an action packed 8 days with Children On The Edge (COTE)! Most of you who know me personally, know that COTE is a huge part of my life and any chance I get to talk about it I will! I fundraise year round for them by doing a series of events and other bits and pieces. Looking at doing a wing walk next!! More details on that to follow! 
The opportunity to attend the Playscheme came up at the beginning of the year, the moment I saw it flash up I knew I had to apply again! I applied last year as well but this year was to be my year!
The Body Shop At Home Christmas conference came round and Ben was on stage talking about COTE’s developments since the last time he was with us and how we had done as regions within the company. I’m our regions champion so when he was calling out all the regions who had achieved their fundraising goal, I was deflated when we didn’t get a mention. Until, the moment he said we were 99% of our target, I couldn’t believe it! We missed out by such a margin and then he said my name in front of over 1000 people and declared I had won my seat on the plane to Uganda. Naturally, I did what comes best I started crying lol! Not great when you have all those faces on you as you walk up to stage! 
 So, what am I doing in Uganda? Well a lot of the details are still under wraps so I cannot share to much info yet as I don’t know myself! What I do know is I will be helping with this year’s Playscheme in a Slum near Jinja, Uganda. We will be working with the local children at the centre, helping with snack times and play times and lots more! 
The work Children On The Edge do is phenomenal and their aim is to bring Hope, Fun, Safety and Education to children who live on the outskirts of society. I will be documenting my time out there and would love for you to follow on my adventure. If you would like to support my fundraising you can do so by the following link, if you could comment Tiny On Tour with your donation that would be great.
For further information on the amazing work COTE do you can find them on all the major social media sites or through their website:
Thanks again,

H xx


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