This week sponsored by junk food!

Well this week has been pretty shite to be honest on the shitty week scales I’d rate it – I’ve eaten everything in sight to keep my brain pre-occupied. She says with a box of orange Matchsticks next to her! Yummy 😋

So tomorrow is D-Day, the official last appointment with my therapist to sign me off as PTSD free, I’m having to go two weeks without any or minimum symptoms before I can strut in tomorrow for my bit of white paper that says I’m back to “normal” what ever normal is! I thought it would be easy but my god it’s just the beginning!

On one of these torture days, I had the pleasure of  sitting in a glorious NHS hospital for 4 hours waiting for the other halfs appointment for them to confirm what we already knew, he has a “biscuit” hip as he has quite cutely named the thing that fucks him up. I’d be personally calling it the Satan hip or at least the shit one. I think it’s because it crumbles underneath him like a digestive biscuit dunked in tea, bless him! 

Anyway he’s getting it sorted thankfully, but those hours spent in that waiting room was enough to give anyone severe stress never mind prevent it! I don’t quite know where to begin. Don’t get me wrong I love our NHS it’s been amazing for our family but my god their waiting rooms are hellish! If it’s not the mothers screaming at their child not to put every potentially germ riddened item in their mouth whilst proceeding to pump the alcohol gel that hard it starts to break into a house track, to the old men glaring at every Tom, Dick and Harry who dares to take the seat his beloved carrier bag is resting upon. You literally couldn’t make up half of the stuff seen in a hospital waiting room! 

Also what genius decided it was a good idea to install the butchers waiting list machine! Take a ticket, wait for your number to be called and take a seat whilst we stick a big needle in your arm and withdraw the blood out of your withery veins. I mean having your blood taken is bad for many people but this is like a sick conveyour belt of numbers, needles, blood and for the lucky ones stickers at the end of it! 

Next – selected opening times on the cafe what sort of sorcery is that?? I had to drive half way across the bottom of the country to arrive and be told there’s a hugeee delay and not even be able to soothe the boredom with a Twix! I tell you it’s heartbreaking, it got to the point I was reevaluating my lifestyle choices as I re-read a diabetes poster ten times over. 

Then there’s the bloody TVs! When I first saw it I thought brilliant, I’m going to be sat here for a while let’s catch up with some telly! Oh how I was wrong! Sat in orthopaedics, most were pensioners and the TV was 6 adverts on loop! What a waste! One about windows! One about an Indian restaurant, nothing like let’s shut the cafe make them starve and then taunt them with images of food they cannot have! Then an advert about a brand new never can be purchased for by a patient of the NHS car, it’s the last thing people want in that area of the hospital when they’re waiting to find out about hip replacements! Should have kept that one for the Bupa plastic surgery telly! What they should have done is wacked a bit of good old Jezza on! The older generation could have moaned about the youth of today. The younger generation could have had a field day trying to spot a neighbour  and everyone else could have at least had a bit of entertainment to pass the time! 
Anyway wish me luck for tomorrow and hopefully next weeks post won’t be as bloody miserable as I’ve got a new adventure! I’m joining WILSAR hopefully! It stands for Wiltshire Search And Rescue! So if you go missing I’ll turn up! Haha enough to make anyone stay in hiding! 

Have a fabulous week you beautiful lot!

H xx

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