Missing In Action

Well I’ve been MIA for the past few days! I spent one of those days sleeping on the landing floor thanks to a sickness bug that made me terrified to leave a 50m perimeter of the bathroom. Thankfully I’m pretty much back to full health, just in time for round two of Uganda jabs tomorrow! Wahoo! I also think the sickness was due to a Hawaiian pizza and to think I’ve stuck up for that shit snack since the war was waged on it! It’s certainly changed my outlook feel free to get rid off it 🤢!
So what else have I been up to since the last blog post? Well we went on the dog walk! It was as disastrous as I’d imagined. My still incredibly sore arm from the first round of jabs, decided to go dead so I had to tuck it into my jacket to stop it flapping in the wind, and then Jack (the bog off child from last post) decided he was ‘fweezing’ which resulted in him wearing his dads coat and miraculously transforming into an extra from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Shame I didn’t think of it sooner before I had to splash out for a costume for world book day!

I’ve also toyed with the decision of starting swimming on an evening. I haven’t a clue why seen as though the closest I’ve ever really been to swimming was skinny dipping in Cyprus and waving my arms and legs around that fast in the hope of creating a blur to hide my white bits! This new found hobby however, doesn’t involve alcohol or nakedness. Well it could do but I like my clean criminal record and I don’t fancy putting a pensioner in an early grave! From next week I’ll be prancing around thinking I’m a pocket sized version of Rebecca Adlington. Oh well, I suppose I can spend the time thinking of places to go for my next adventure! If you have any suggestions feel free to post! Unless it’s Skegness you can keep that one to yourself!
Happy Women’s day to you beautiful lot!
H xx

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