After the fight

img_1029 (Image from The Telegraph)

Good morning! Well unlike yesterday I got out of bed this morning with a slight spring in my step? Why this earth shattering change I hear you cry? Well, last night hubby invited 3 of his mates around to watch the boxing which normally entails alcohol and short jokes lobbed my way. Not arsed, I’m used to them I quite liked last nights creativity, which was flowing from the alcohol. When a completely new name was bestowed upon me, R2D2! Original I suppose and one I’ve not had before I’ll rate it 6/10 on the short arse nickname scale!

Anyway, enough about the short jokes! So as most of you would have known it was the boxing last night. Haye vs Bellew all the fellas screaming for Haye and well little me screaming louder for Bellew. Why? Because I like to back the underdog, I’m a sucker at the Grand National for the one with a limb with odds of 1 million to 1. Anyway Bellew prevailed I won £175 and showed those hardened blokes that for one match I knew better. In your face! Maybe I could now be upgraded to Yoda instead of R2D2? I’ll drop that into conversation at the next one!

Today’s challenge is walking my still seriously achy body up a huge hill to exercise the child and dog in a hope of a peaceful Sunday! One can hope, as said child is kindly telling every person in his path to “bog off!” So perhaps today’s challenge is to get child to be kind otherwise we may have some unwanted scowls whilst dog walking as he belts bog off to any passerby!

Have a lovely Sunday!

H xx

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