First of Forever

img_1001So it’s Saturday morning and it’s flipping freezing! I’m faced with the hardest decision I need to make this fine morning:
Stay in bed where it’s warm and cosy or go freeze my arse off in a different room?

Since when did life become so boring?

Around 4 and a half years ago I started having symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) following the birth of my son in a shitty hospital in a different country! This changed my world dramatically I went from being incredibly outgoing to a miserable as shit hermit who was constantly stuck in the house and dreaming my life away! I think the highlight of my week was going and having a laugh at the extortionately priced Iceland food in the Cypriot shops! Wow I was living the high life!

Fast forward to today and after 4 years of pretty much a blur I’ve just found out I’ve kicked PTSD in the balls and it’s gone for a permanent holiday! Wahoo welcome back life you’re mine! (Evil cackles!)

So ok it’s Saturday I’ve actually managed to crawl from my pit to the downstairs sofa that seems a challenge in itself! However after having an epiphany like many great adventures have haha, I’ve decided to get my tiny 4ft 11, arse into gear and get planning! I’m going to explore the world and make up for the 4 years of being a miserable hermit!

So far for this year I’ve got Uganda planned!
I know right, some adventure after being stuck indoors! I’m off on a charity trip of a lifetime and I cannot wait!! Even if my arm is dead from the first lot of jabs I’ve half arsed fist pumped my first adventure!

Here’s to a new more exciting existence in the world! I’m bringing to you Tiny On Tour!


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